About Us

The best products are always created to fix an existing problem. darwin I/O is no exception to that rule.

Where did it all start?

It all started during a mastermind dinner.

I was having a discussion with a super affiliate friend about an issue he was facing on a daily basis.

The problem was simple: trackers are giving you a ton of data to work with, but you still need to analyze all this data, take decisions, and make adjustments to your campaigns manually.

Moreover, when you're managing 100+ campaigns and as many landing pages, handling your offers becomes a real headache.

And if an advertiser pulls an offer, you need to pause it all across the board, then find a suitable replacement to make sure you don't waste money on your traffic.

The solution

With the rise of self-learning systems, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a better solution to these problems, and that's where darwin I/O comes in.

Our intelligent offer manager lets you manage all your offers for all your verticals in a single spot.

Need to pause an offer quickly? It takes just 1 click and it's paused on all your campaigns.

Want to split-test a new offer? Simply add it into the system and our tool will determine if it can beat your current best offer.

Offers with inconsistent eCPM? We will detect these inconsistencies and send traffic to the right offer at the right time.

Your best offer has a daily cap? We will send traffic to that offer until the cap is filled, then put it on hold until the next day.

Who are we?

We're bringing self-learning systems to performance marketers all over the world.

We're the secret weapon that your competition is using to beat you every day.

We could be your competitive advantage.

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